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Job Market Papers on RePEc

The job market paper

In economics and finance, a crucial component of the file of any candidate graduating from a doctoral or PhD program and applying to research or teaching positions is his/her job market paper. This paper is the best that the candidate has written so far, and this merits dissemination. For this purpose, RePEc now has a working paper series specifically dedicated to the job market. Beyond being listed on EconPapers and IDEAS, these papers are disseminated through NEP to ensure maximum visibility. Other services use the RePEc data as well.

This service is only for those who are on the job market. Others can post their working papers in their local series if it participates in RePEc (see how to participate) or can upload at MPRA.


  1. One needs to authenticate to upload a working paper. Authentication proceeds with RePEc Author Service credentials. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here. You will need to wait about a day before you can upload your paper.
  2. One can upload only one paper.
  3. The paper is attributed to the series corresponding to the current calendar year.
  4. No changes can be made to the paper or its information once submitted.
  5. There is no exclusivity. The paper can appear anywhere you want. The author retains full copyright.
  6. If there are multiple authors, the author on the job market (who authenticated for the upload) is listed first.
  7. It is strongly encouraged to submit a PDF file rather than any other format.
  8. You can only submit one file.
  9. The file size cannot be more than 2MB.
  10. The paper will be automatically added within a day to the submitter's RePEc Author Service profile.
  11. Any illicit content will be deleted without warning, with possible further consequences for the uploader.

Upload your job market paper

To upload your paper, you need to authenticate with your RePEc Author Service credentials and then fill out a form. You find all this here.
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